Digital Neighbourhood only works through a long range of collaborative projects. A part of these projects contain some of the same ideas that laid the ground for Digital Neighbourhood. Here are some of the best examples.

Digital ABC
Digital ABC functions as a tool to teach digitization in the senior classes of primary school.

EcoSense develops methods for comprehensive measurement, modeling and analysis of the complex factors that affect our CO2 footprint. The hypothesis is that the right combination of mobile sensor technology, positioning and collective measurements in combination with environmental analysis and user collaboration can give us the answer.

DemocraCity Aarhus
DemokraCity Aarhus is a collaboration between Aarhus , DemokraCity and Aarhus School of Architecture. The aim is to involve residents and local stakeholders directly in the development and planning of the neighbourhoods in close interaction with municipal staff and architects.

The Media Architecture Biennale brings together people and organisations that work with media and the built environment: With media facades, with urban screens and with buildings that communicate – be it with colourful LEDs, flashing light bulbs, or with heat-sensitive concrete that ’freezes’ the shadows of passers-by.

Festugen 2015
Aarhus Festival was first held in 1965, and is today one of the largest cultural festivals in the nordic countries. Over the course of ten days in late summer we present more than 1,000 events on more than 100 different scenes in the city. Each Festival has a theme that serves as inspiration for the events. The theme in 2015 is ‘light – more light ‘.

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